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A Night at the Bar

Now, I can imagine that being a Read or Die character can be a stressful life. And what better way to deal with stress than headin' out to the bar for a drink or twelve?

So. What do you think they'd drink, what do you think drove 'em to it in the first place, and whose shoulder do you think they're sobbing their frustrations out into?


Character: Drake
Issue: Dammit, all these hot chicks, and they're all either into each other, into children, or evil!
Confidante: The bartender
Drink of Choice: Beer. No more need be said. ^_^


Character: Wendy
Issue: Most of the fandom seems to be of the opinion that, while Mr. Joker was some brilliant visionary for basically being a sadistic, gloating twonk with no sense of when to shut up, she's somehow terrible for agreeing with the overall sentiment of world peace, and trying to keep the only family she's got from an early grave. And damn it, Mr. Joker, put your dirty underpants in the hamper!
Confidante: Drake, because in just the right light, he looks just like her favourite teddy-bear from when she was little.
Drink of Choice: Caramel Appletini, Gin and Tonic, Bailey's right from the bottle to give her that sense of rebellion and badassery that she is sadly lacking.


Character: Joker
Issue: Oh, poor Mr. Gentleman! Taken from us at the tender age of merely seven-hundred and something, sob-sob, sad-noises...
Confidante: Wendy, because no one else is willing to pretend interest.
Drink of Choice: Tea. Which he still gets drunk off of. No one is sure how.


Character: Junior. No one's entirely sure how he got into the bar, although many suspect that it wasn't through the front door. Or any other door.
Issue: Crazy butterfly-chasing former-evil-ho for a mother, crazy book-shagging paper-flinging avoidant wuss for a step...mother, little bits of Mr. Gentleman living dormant in his head, and so on. Take your pick.
Confidante: The potted plant in the corner, since talking to a human will probably get him thrown out, and he hasn't even gotten warmed up yet, thank-you very much.
Drink of Choice: Whatever he can steal by phasing into the bar and waiting until the drinker isn't looking. So far, his favourites are the Caramel Appletinis, the Mai Tais, the Long Island Iced Tea, and the Tequila Sunrises. Yes, the candy drinks. Give him a break; he's what, six?


Character: Maggie
Issue: I don't know, Nenene booted her out of the closet so she could vacuum in there for once?
Confidante: Also the potted plant.
Drink of Choice: Plain, non-fruity Daiquiri.


Character: Nenene
Issue: Nancy
Confidante: Anyone who'll listen.
Drink of Choice: Some kind of fruity shooter thing. Or anything else that'll get her drunk fast. Hey, she's not drinking for the taste.


Okay, so I'm a dork. ^_^
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