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My Predictions for ROD Season 2

Yeah, I know it'll never happen, but what the heck? If, by some amazing freak of chance, they do make a second season of ROD the TV, this is what I think the future will hold for our staunch heroes, villains, and poultry.


1) Nenene will finally tolerating all these damn freeloaders (probably because she hasn't been kidnapped in ten minutes or so, and she's forgotten why they're useful to have around), which leads to Michelle, Maggie, Anita, and Yomiko pursuing a career in burger-flipping.

2) Nenene will immediately be kidnapped.

3) Michelle will give up on the burger-flipping early on and get a job as a preschool teacher, where she will quickly overcome her love of young children.

4) It will be revealed that Hisami is a dude. Since a straight couple in ROD either ends in death or indicates great evil, he will start hitting on Tohru, for his own safety. Or maybe Junior. Or both. Guy!Hisami totally deserves a harem.

5) Horrified and disgusted by Hisami's secret shlong, Anita will find solace in the arms of Natsume Nishizono.

6) Maggie will also be revealed as a dude. On camera, which will explain the otherwise inexplicable 18A rating. She will run off to join Hisami's harem, but will be rejected, go mad from sorrow, disappear for the rest of the season, and randomly reappear just in time to become the villain of Season 3.

7) Mr. Lee will make a triumphant return. Then he will trip over his shoe, impale himself on his pens, and die.

8) Sunny Wong will also make a triumphant return. He will also trip over Mr. Lee's shoe, impale himself on his own sunglasses, and die.

9) John Woo will be revealed as the key mastermind behind this season, as well as the shadowy figure directing the action of the first season from behind the scenes. Mr. Gentleman was just his flunky all along. The great feathered evil is working with Manbearpig to trigger global warming.

10) An American politician bearing an uncanny resemblance to Al Gore will attempt to stop him, but will trip over Mr. Lee's shoe, impale himself on a woefully over-dramatized pamphlet, and die.

11) Drake will use the phrase, at least once, "Dammit, Mr. President, that's not the right call. Also, patch through the protocols and set up the perimeter."

12) Upon finding that she is being kidnapped about fifty-seven times a day due to her father's bad habit of attracting trouble, Maggie Anderson will meet with Nenene and start the Perpetual Kidnap Victims Support Group.

13) Nenene and Nancy will fall madly in love (possibly following Nancy's daring rescue of both Nenene and Maggie Anderson) much to Yomiko's annoyance.

14) Due to every girl he knows having absolutely no interest in men, Drake will purchase a woman from an underground secretary trade, only to be horrified when it turns out to be Wendy, previously captured and sold following Joker's tragic death in a tea-drinking accident. They will, of course, fall in love eventually, after much humorous and vaguely sexy bickering, but both will tragically in the end. Possibly tripping over Mr. Lee's shoe.

15) Yomiko will finally find a country that will recognize her marriage to her book collection as a legal union.

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