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Ooh, fun.

Wow, I don't know why, but I just starting looking for pictures of the voice actors who voiced over R.O.D. I found only a few pictures. I really wanted to see what Tricia Dickson looked liked, but I couldn't find any, even whe I looked up Wendy Tomson. Yeah, according to what I read Nenene and Wendy are voiced by the same actress. I also couldn't find a picture of Rachel Hirschfeld. If anyone finds pictures of them I would like to see them.

This lovely lady is Helena Taylor, the voice actress for Yomiko Readman.

This is Hunter Mackenzie Austin, the voice actress for Michelle Chang.

And this is Sarah Lahti, the voice actress for Maggie Mui. I think she's cute.

I know it's not exactly silly, but I think it's fun. My husband's response to these pictures when I showed them to him was: "I'd do her, would you do her?" Typical guy.

You know, it would be funny if John Woo wasn't a pidgeon. It would be great if he was a hawk, that way when he landed on Anita or Maggie they would scream bloody murder.
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