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ROD Pets!

So! What kind of pets does everyone think the various ROD characters would get, if they took it into their minds to get pets of any kind?

Here are my thoughts, cut for unnecessary wordiness.


Yomiko: She might get a parrot, because if they can learn to talk, maybe they can learn to read, too!

Nenene: Forget it. Michelle, Maggie, and Anita make enough noise and mess.

Nancy: A bunny! Bunnies are cute! And they like sex almost as much as she does! :D

Michelle: A puppy! Until the first time it interrupts her reading, upon which Nenene's next door neighbour will find a puppy on their doorstep.

Maggie: Her paper animals.

Anita: A frog. C'mon, she totally would.

Hisami: A kitty. One that would be content snuggling in her lap while she reads.

Junior: Why?

Drake: Pitbull. Why? I don't know. But imagine Drake with a pitbull puppy, and tell me that isn't frickin' cute. &hearts

Joker: He has the only pet he wants - the kind that does all his work for him, fetches his tea, and does so in revealing little fetish outfits! :D

Wendy: A kitten, even when Joker said no. She snuck it into the house in her purse and coughed loudly whenever it mewed.

John Woo: A Maggie.
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