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Yup, I'm going to Hell for this. :D

So, remember my utter certainty that Yomiko x Mr. Gentleman was totally the OTP of Read or Die?


Someone needs to take away my computer. XD


Yomiko fidgeted nervously with her glasses, willing the butterflies flapping around her stomach with their giant, restless wings, to settle down a little.

It had been years since her last date, which made this evening nerve-wracking enough; but in addition, she had to bear on her shoulders the knowledge that both Nenene and Nancy were furious with her.

But what was a girl to do? Yomiko, once she knew what she wanted, was well-known for moving swiftly toward it and looking at it with big, cute, bespectacled eyes until it succumbed to diabetic shock and submitted to her ownership.

And this time, Yomiko knew exactly what she wanted.

"Good evening, Sir," she greeted shyly as her date was plopped unceremoniously into his chair by two brown-vested aides. "I've ordered us a bottle of red wine. Is that alright?"

He said nothing.

Yomiko nodded her approval; it may have been largely Nancy's influence, but she had come to appreciate a man who didn't talk much.

Smiling softly, eyes starry and adoring at the divine glow of his pages by candlelight, she leaned forward over the table and stroked the nearest spine lovingly.

"I've really missed you, Mr. Gentleman."

Meanwhile, a nearby waiter watched the pretty young woman and the stack of books sharing a plate of smoked salmon by the soft, flickering light of the candle, in speechless bewilderment.

"Take it from me," a youngish, dark-haired fellow with a thin dark mustache, one of the two brown-vests that had escorted the books to the girl's table, muttered. "You'll get a headache if you think about it too much. Suffice it to say, she really, really likes her books."

The waiter nodded hesitantly.

"Well, different strokes and all that, right?"

Frankie grinned.

"Right you are! Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a date with an angel named John Woo."


And because one pretty young girl just isn't enough for Big G...


Tangled amid the cool white Egyptian cotton sheets of the massive four-poster bed, squirming uncomfortably amid the tense silence of the splendid, gloomy bedroom, Wendy considered the very distinct possibility that she had read the wrong etiquette books as a girl.

Try as she might, no matter how deeply she dug through the filing cabinet of useless information pushed up against one corner of her mind, she couldn’t remember any of them covering the appropriate thing to say in a situation like this.

Bloody hell; why didn’t these books ever cover the important questions?

Then again, would anything she said be appropriate right now? How could it be appropriate for a lowly summer intern to give a lofty, powerful man a comforting pat and reassure him that his...sagging spirits wouldn’t lower her opinion of him? Should she just keep quiet and pretend it never happened? Should she slip away quietly and let him mope in peace? She sort of hated to just leave him like this, but she strongly suspected that her insignificant little opinion wouldn’t be much help, anyway.

A mournful sigh interrupted her thoughts. A gentle hand landed at her hair and played absently with the pale silkensoft strands.

“I’m sorry, my dear. You can go, if you’d like.”

At the contrite misery in his voice, she turned abruptly to face him, big blue eyes warm with sympathy, pretty little pixie-face filled with solemn earnestness.

“Mr. Gentleman, don’t be silly! Isn’t--isn’t it only normal for a man to have…um, those sorts of problems after seven hundred years?”

Laughing gently amid his golden-haired playmate’s yelp of horror at her own forwardness, he gave her bottom a firm squeeze and laughed again as she yelped in surprise this time.

Yes, he thought fondly as her cheeks grew pink and she buried her face quickly in the pillow, her breathing rapid as he brushed gently through those pretty golden curls, there was certainly a reason he enjoyed borrowing Joker’s little tea-fetcher from time to time.

After all, a man had to keep in practice – give the boy something to live up to.


See what a purple leisure suit and a giant gold G medallion can do for a guy? He gets Yomiko AND Wendy! :D

Next up, crack-lemon! Featuring Joker's electric hands! Because he had to lure Wendy back from the good guys at the end of the manga somehow! And also, whoo-hoo. :D :D :D
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